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Specifically Designed Health Tracking Pendant for Old People
Date:2017-09-18      Clicks:0

According to the statistics, the number of senior citizens gradually rises, the rate of old people raised from 7.28% in 2005 to 8.27% in 2015. With the acceleration of aging of population, more and more elderly products have been released into market, especially the anti-lost products.

ReachFar has developed a SOS&GPS locating Pendant RF-V28 for elderly. It is very convenient to know the activity status of elderly by their children. And old people can dial the urgent call if has any emergency situation.

RF-V28 has a number of functions, including the following:

RF-V28's characteristics of exquisite appearance, easy to carry, varied colors option, high concealment are loved by elderly. The locating way of RF-V28 is GPS+LBS+WIFI+AGPS, it can exactly locate the position of the wearer. The accuracy of GPS is 15-30 meters (under the open sky). It has three buttons which are big SOS button, SOS1 number button and power button. Old people can call for help immediately by pressing big SOS button.

Real-time tracking the position of wearer

RF-V28 can check the position of elderly at any time. And their children can know the historical route via APP, then realized the real-time tracking the activity of them. The trackers can be hanged on the neck or putted into the pocket. If any emergency situations, elderly can call for help by pressing the SOS button, and the device will send the position to APP automatically to assist their family to find elderly very easily.

Geo-fence protection

Families can set the safe area for elderly, then they can receive the alert that the elderly has over the area which sent by RF-V28 GPS tracker automatically.

Falling down alarm

For the inconvenient elderly people, they may fall easily. If the elderly falls down and no one is next to, then will make the elderly into danger. But if old people has wear RF-V28, it will send the falling down alarm massage and call automatically to their children, then rescue them in time.

Standby time

The standby time depends on the interval locating, the default is 10 minutes. In general, the standby time is 4-5 days, it can meet the daily use fully.


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