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How to find out a missing pet What to Do if You Lose Your Pet

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How to find out a missing pet

What to Do if You Lose Your Pet

Getting the word out early is the key to getting your dog or cat back safely and soundly. Don’t wait your pet come back by himself in a few hours. As soon as you aware that your pet is missing, GET THE WORD OUT. Please remember that keep HD pet’s photos on hand, and make sure your pets are wearing a collar with identification tags which has been implanted the chip ALL THE TIME.

How to find out a missing pet?

The traditional way is making lots of posters for looking your pet. Following are some notes of making posters.

1. Keep the title simple which very easy to know, such as “LOST DOG (or cat)!”. The title should be at the top of the poster with big red words.

2. Include a brief description of your lost pet. For example, “Beige, wire-haired terrier” or “Striped gray and black short-haired cat”. The more special and clear description, the better.

3. Write your pet’s name in the poster. So that people can call your pet if they see it and then help you to find it. What’s more, pet’s name seems your lost pet is a valued member of your family, not an animal only.

4. Offer a reward. But don’t state how much.

5. Typed your phone number at the bottom of the poster which can let people contact to you timely.

6. Send and stick this poster to everywhere you can think of!

Make dozens of poster, and go to every home, in every direction from the site of where your pet disappeared, and give them your poster, or stick poster under doors or on windshields. Stop and speak with every person you encounter –the more people know about your lost pet, the more likely the one person who spots him will call you. Your pet may be frightened, ask people to please check their barns and sheds, especially at night.

Certainly, the best way is to take preventive measures. Pets like running around by nature, there is no possible to restrain them. Many problems will be solved if pets can wear a GPS tracker. ReachFar iPet GPS tracker RF-V30 not only can track pet’s real-time accurate location, can monitor pet’s situation at any time also. In addition, it has a good-looking appearance which will make your pet looks cuter.

Love your pet, liberate their nature, RF-V30 will be your best choice.