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ReachFar's successful trip to Hong Kong Electronics Fair
Date:2016-10-20      Clicks:0

During 13-16th,Oct, our company—ReachFar Tech participated the Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Fair, where we had a booth and exhibited our GPS trackers. Led by our sales manager, Susan, our exhibition is very successful

  Our crew and booth on exhibition

During the exhibition, our gps tracking devices attracted many visitors to get informed from our booth. Among them, there are many clients who put order on-site.

  Visitors on-site

  Our first client who put an order

This device is a solar powered gps tracker for big animal and people who like outgoing activities. You can visit the website to get the detailed information. V26


  A client negotiating for an order

  A photo with clients who ordered

On the fair, we also put forward a new model for pets tracking with 3G network—RF-V40 which is a brand new device on gps tracking products market.


Thank all those clients contacted in advance and visited our booth during the fair, many of whom had ordered our products or contacted us by emails before. Therefore, we found our products are becoming more and more popular among all over the world.

Another features of this visitors is that most of them are professional and ask us for some technical files. In other words, they have already promoted some of our tracking devices and want to match their own server to provide customers more service by themselves.

  Clients asked for technical files

In conclusion, thank all the clients who visited our booth and were willing to keep further contact with us intending to buid up a business relationship with our company.

All your support is a motivation for our company to develop our products better and better and in return more and more people will enjoy our service and products. ;


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