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3G GPS Tracker Promotion for Double Holiday!

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In order to celebrate the 68th anniversary of the founding of New China and the Mid-Autumn Festival, and express big thanks for all customers continuous support throughout the years, we have a big discount for RF-V40 and RF-V42 3G GPS tracker!

Buy five get one free! Only for 2000 pcs, first comers first get!

  Welcome to purchase!

RF-V42 is a 3G GPS camera tracker for kids and elderly use. It has many functions, including fall alarm, Talking clock function, camera monitoring, two-way Hi-Fi audio communication, mute automatic answering, etc.

  Talking clock function

Though talking clock function in GPS tracker is popular nowadays, it was ReachFar who creatively added this function into our RF-V16 GPS tracker with recorded time announcer, which came from a story of sincerely love towards parents.

Two years ago, our technical staff Mr. Tang gave a V16 to his grandma as a gift. It worked well until one day. Grandma came back late. As a result, she got phone calls from family. She grumbled “None of us had a watch along and time flied when we had fun together.”

After knowing this, Mr. Tang came across an idea to add talking clock function into V16, hence you can know the time with it now.

ReachFar, a heartful company with considerate products.

  Camera Function

Proper use of RF-V42 camera function

There are two ways to start the RF-V42 camera functions, one is when the wearer falls down, the other is when the guardian requests to take photos by APP.

How do we use the photos uploaded there? We generally analyze safety of the guardian through the camera angle.

  Wrong use: Selfie!

Wrong complain: What a bad picture about my Mom!

  3G network

Another point, why do we only add the camera function into 3G device? Because the 3G data transmission is much faster!

As a GPS tracker manufacturer, we not only sell the GPS tracker device, also provide the caring to client's family. Letting the family clearly feel your caring is the motivation of ReachFar.