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  • Essential tips for a happy, healthy pet this summerFor most people in the U.S., Memorial Day weekend evokes images of grilling in the backyard with friends and family, the first big camping trip or major hike of the season, and the official kick start of everything summer. For those of us w...

    06-23 2016

  • Solar Powered cow GPS Tracker Effectively Prevent the cattle getting LostA friend raising cattle asked me if there GPS tracker suitable for breeding. For example, fifty heads of cattle are installed GPS tracking device, unified monitored by the computer, it can be achieved? First of all, I admire the friend he c...

    10-18 2017

  • RF-V16 -The best kids trackers: Using wearables for child safetyDue to the advancement of GPS technology, keeping track of children is becoming much easier with kids wearables. With a GPS system you can pinpoint the exact position of the person youre looking for using a map on your smartphone or website...

    06-23 2016

  • Best pet tracking systems-solar GPS tracker RF-V26Nowaday pet tracking systems are so sophisticated that they can find your cat, dog, farm animal and also can help you find your pet and possibly save your pets life. Some of the trackers are very expensive but there is also less expensive t...

    06-23 2016

  • The benefits of raising cattle using Ruifeng Huizhi solar GPS positioning systemThe owners using solar GPS positioning system have felt great convenience of science and technology. But as for these people who just learned to use solar GPS positioning system to raise cattle, they maybe dont know the system, so I think i...

    05-19 2016

  • Solar GPS positioning system lead the animal industry into the 4 EraChinas urbanization process is still in progress, it is expected that the peak will be reached 15 years later. The agriculture will also step into the 4 era like the United States, that is the era of agricultural informatization, automation...

    05-19 2016

  • Mini GPS tracker protect kidsRecently, the lost of Minghan has drawn great attention among public. Unfortunately, the five-year-old missing boy left his families forever. In that village, people felt sad and indignant about his dead; however, no matter how sad and indi...

    05-16 2016

  • GPS WIFI LBS location waysLike many newcomers to the gps tracker, I was confused about the operating principle of reachfars GPS TRACKER. In general, how does the reachfar GPS tracker work? 1. The tracker capture signal from satellites(GPS/Glonass) and send the posit...

    05-16 2016

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