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Have You Heard Breeding Cattle Using Solar Power GPS Tracker?
Date:2016-06-29      Clicks:0

Traditional breeding cattle are scattered with artificial real-time care, which is not only time-consuming and also inefficient. In recent years, more and more farmers are using solar power GPS tracker to breed cattle, not only improve efficiency, and also reduce labor costs.

Mr. Liang graduated from a famous Agricultural University, he wants to make some contribution to farmers. So he chose to go to the grass-roots work after graduation. He began to study how to improve the breeding efficiency and reduce farming costs after knowing cattle farming. He is looking for a device to infinite distance positioning device, so he is recommend for the RF-V26 solar power GPS tracker, Mr. Liang was very excited and like it very much, began to promote the use of RF-V26 solar power GPS tracker to more people.

Liang told us that the product is very practical, and you can locate the specific location anywhere and anytime, effectively prevent cattle getting lost. Now a person can guard hundreds of head of cattle via mobile phone and computer after using RF-V26 solar power GPS tracker.

Many villagers experienced the convenience of RF-V26 solar power GPS tracker one year later, more farmers started using RF-V26 solar power GPS tracker to breed cattle. The nearby villagers heard the news come to learn, and the government still set up a signal service station on the mountain to enhance the signal and improve communication efficiency of GPS tracker.

  Main functions of RF-V26 solar power GPS tracker:

1. The global satellite positioning system through mobile phone/computer to view real-time position.

2. Unlimited distance alarm, mobile phone and computer will receive an alert

  once leaving or entering a defined area.

3. Fully enclosed waterproof and dust-proof.

4. Remote pickup feature.

5. Low battery remote intelligent alerts.

In addition to breed cattle, RF-V26 solar power GPS tracker is also widely used in sheep, dog and many pets.

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