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ReachFar Solar Powered GPS Tracker Great Benefits to Breeding Cattle
Date:2016-06-29      Clicks:0

People using solar powered GPS tracker is experiencing the great convenience brought by science and technology, but some people maybe don’t know clearly the benefits using solar powered GPS tracker to breed cattle .

  1. Real-time tracking.

Solar powered GPS tracker allows managers to easily check the real-time position of each cow, the scope of activities, such as walking trajectory.

  2. Real-time anti-lost and anti-theft

A cow price is not low, there will be a great loss in case of being lost or stolen, and ultimately reflected in the total cost. GPS tracking system has intelligent Geo-fence function, managers will immediately receive APP messages, SMS and telephone reminders if the cattle beyond the limited range of activities. GPS Real-time tracking function can also allow staff on duty to prevent loss of cattle at any time , the cattle also can be founded back through the track and real-time positioning in the case of cattle getting lost. ReachFar solar powered GPS tracker also has forestall extirpation function, if the theft want to dismantle GPS tracker, the management of mobile phones will immediately receive text messages and telephone alarm.

  3. Reduce the total cost, improve competitiveness, increase profitability

In social economic era, each a successful boss must pay attention to cost management, if GPS tracker can reduce or even eliminate the risk of cows getting lost and stolen, the loss enough buy a series of GPS tracking system.

  4. Enhance the management efficiency to provide convenience for large-scale farming

Internet and information technology has higher efficiency than the traditional manual marking, the same number of cattle required artificial quantity is also reduced. Information is applied to large scale farming, management will be faster and more convenient.

The functions of ReachFar solar powered GPS tracker:

  1. Global wireless satellite positioning, real-time location information can be displayed on the computer and mobile phone, and one account manage several devices.

  2. Satellite anti-lost reminder, drawing a restricted area on the map, the computer and the phone will receive an alarm once the cow get into or out of the restricted area.

  3. Solar wireless charging in order that solar power GPS tracker has permanent life.

  4. If solar powered GPS tracker removed maliciously, the device will send an alarm to the phone in order that effectively prevent cattle from being stolen.

  5. Advanced waterproof IP67.

  6. Historical track playback, there are records of cattle within 90 days.

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