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RF-V16 How to choose a GPS tracker for kids
Date:2016-06-29      Clicks:0

As we all know, GPS trackers are transmitters that allow you to keep track of your children or possessions. They come with dedicated apps or tracking platform that allow you to see the location of the tracker on google map. There are so many trackers in the world. But what kind of kids GPS tracker you need and how to choose a GPS tracker for your kids? We thought they should have the followings features. Here we would like to recommend reachfar RF-V16 mini gps tracker for kids.

  1. Two way Hi-Fi audio communication

RF-V16 has voice-to-voice calling. This enables the bearer to call a preselected number by pressing a button 1 or button 2 on the device to call his/her mother or father. They can talk with each other as they like. The tracker is like a mini phone. This feature is especially useful if the kids don’t have a cell phone, and usually, the kids don’t have cell phone.

  2. SOS button, 1 button, 2 button

The SOS button can triggers a text massage and to call preselected phone numbers. It is easy to use because the kids don’t need to remember the long phone number.

  3.weight and size

RF-V16 is very small and light which is only 27g, 43×34×14mm. It can wear on the wrist just as a watch or strung around the neck or put in the pocket. No need to worry it is heavy for your little kids.

  4.Hand-free talk

If you want to remote listen to the voices around the device and don’t want the kids know it then you can choose this hand-free talk mode.

  5.Low battery alarm

It will send an alert to your mobile phone or App when the battery is less than 10% so that you can recharge it until it powered off.

  6. high-cost performance

This model RF-V16 is launched in 2013 with high quanlity & reasonable price. You are worth it.

  7. Reachfar gps tracker should be work with the GSM network-based Micro-SIM card, 2G is best.


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