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RF-V16 use for UAV
Date:2016-06-29      Clicks:0

Many people is using GPS tracking devices mounted in their crafts in order to track the craft in case of loss or crash.

Reachfar’s RF-V16 not only can use for person but also crafts. Some of the customers are testing it and can work well.

Like Diogo Andrade said it is nice to have a feature that allows a person who finds it to press a button and your receive a phone call and text message with the coordinates. Then you can call back to the device and speak directly to whom as found your equipment. Although one should consider in having this feature enable (auto answering, which will ring once and automatically take the call ) or use the answering only when a button in the device is pressed. I do think the second one is better once if you are neat the drone and you want to ear the ring, one ring only may be few to locate the device.

Here is the link for more information

RF-V16 has 2 location ways, GPS & LBS.

As we all know GPS tracking use for civil which is less accurate than using for military. GPS tracking gets gps signal from satellite, so the gps signal is not very good sometimes and no tracking in room, basement and tube. But the gps hardware can get gps signal from 4 satellites at least no matter where and when it is because of the positions of 24 satellites.

LBS tracking is tracked by GSM ID from GSM network, so this function can work in the place where is with mobile signal, so LBS tracking works in room, basement and tube. But the gsm signal is not good in some remote area, so LBS tracking cannot work well in these places.

Besides the position where the RF-V16 is facing influences the tracking results because the GPS antenna is installed on the front. But sometimes there is no visible difference.

When the tracker is under the open sky or in better network signal the tracking position can be more accurate.


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