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RF-V16 -The best kids trackers: Using wearables for child safety
Date:2016-06-23      Clicks:0

Due to the advancement of GPS technology, keeping track of children is becoming much easier with kids wearables. With a GPS system you can pinpoint the exact position of the person you're looking for using a map on your smartphone or website.

Reachfar trackers have 1 model can use for kids, RF-V16.

This GPS tracker for kids is no screen size and can wear on the wrist or strung around the child's neck or put in pocket.

The reachfar kids tracker comes with an SOS button, if the little one ever has a panic attack, he or she simply hits the SOS button and a message is sent to the parent and other white list numbers.

You can set a safe-zone - very handy for those with gardens that border railway lines and open countryside - or use any internet-enabled mobile device to see the child's location on a map, in real time. A 'zone entry/exit' function that alerts the parent when he or she has returned home.

The reachfar kids GPS tracker with live map monitoring using a smartphone app.

This kids gps tracker have two way communication. As so many children under the age of four don't know their address or telephone number, he can press the button 1 to talk to his father or mother. This is not just a tracker but also a mini phone.


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