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Best pet tracking systems-solar GPS tracker RF-V26
Date:2016-06-23      Clicks:0

Nowaday pet tracking systems are so sophisticated that they can find your cat, dog, farm animal and also can help you find your pet and possibly save your pet's life. Some of the trackers are very expensive but there is also less expensive tracker on the market too that work pretty well, such as reachfar’s GPS tracker. Their latest product is solar powered GPS tracker RF-V26.

This solar powered tracker can used for your lovely big dog. It is simple to set up, simple to use and simple to maintain. The best feature is solar wireless charging so that you will never worry about power off.

RF-V26 claims to be a small and light real-time GPS pet tracker which is only 64g, 6.5*5.5*1.7cm. It helps you locate your dog anytime on demand using GPS, WIFI and the 2G network and it also alerts you when your pet leaves the safe zone.

This solar gps tracker is waterproof. No need to worry that your lovely dog will play with water.

Reachfar solar gps tracker has a sos button. If your dog lost, someone found him, then he can press the sos button to let the dog owner know . You will get a alert and track via APP or website where he is.

In a word, this solar tracker will be very helpful for your pet.


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