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The benefits of raising cattle using Ruifeng Huizhi solar GPS positioning system
Date:2016-05-19      Clicks:0

The benefits of raising cattle using Ruifeng Huizhi solar GPS positioning system

The owners using solar GPS positioning system have felt great convenience of science and technology. But as for these people who just learned to use solar GPS positioning system to raise cattle, they maybe don’t know the system, so I think it is necessary to introduce the benefits of raising cattle by using solar GPS positioning system to everyone.

1. Easy to grasp the real-situation of each cow

GPS positioning system allows managers to easily check the real-time position of each cow, the scope of activities, walking trajectory and so on.

2. Real-time anti-lost and anti-theft

The price of a cow is not low, there will be a great loss if a few heads is lost or stolen , which will be ultimately reflected in the overall cost. GPS positioning system has intelligent Geo-fence function. Managers will immediately receive APP messages, SMS and telephone reminders if the cattle beyond the limited range of activities. GPS real-time positioning function can also make staff on duty prevent loss of cattle at any time, the cattle can be founded through walking trajectory and real-time positioning if the cattle is stolen. Ruifeng Huizhi solar GPS locator has also anti-picking function, the phones of management will immediately receive text messages and telephone alarm if someone wants to dismantle the GPS tracker.

3. Reduce comprehensive cost, improve competitiveness and increase profitability

In the era of social economy, each a successful boss must pay attention to cost management, if the GPS system can reduce or even eliminate the case the cows get lost and stolen, so you must buy a GPS positioning system which can be used for a few years with the loss saved within a year.

4. Improve management efficiency to provide more convenient for large-scale farming

Efficiency is higher than the traditional manual guarding through the Internet and information technology, the amount of labor required is also reduced in same number of cattle. Informatization is applied to large scale farming makes management faster and more convenient.

The main functions of ruifeng Huizhi solar positioning system:

1.Solar can charge automatically (sunshine intensity determines the charging efficiency)

2. Waterproof IP66

3. SOS alarm, two-way audio communication

4. Intelligent anti-pick alarm

5. GSM quad band network, all global GSM location. GPS positioning accuracy can reach 5 meters outdoor.

6.WIFI positioning and anti-lost technology, the accuracy can reach 30 meters indoor.

7. Querying location information though website platform / mobile phone APP/ WeChat /SMS

8. Trajectory playback / Geo-fence

9. Voice monitor

10. Low battery alarm

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