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Solar Powered cow GPS Tracker Effectively Prevent the cattle getting Lost
Date:2017-10-18      Clicks:0

A friend raising cattle asked me if there GPS tracker suitable for breeding. For example, fifty heads of cattle are installed GPS tracking device, unified monitored by the computer, it can be achieved?

First of all, I admire the friend he can think of using high-tech products to solve the difficult problems of traditional agriculture. Certainly, the current level of technology can totally realize GPS satellite positioning monitor cattle and avoid losing, we can also find them through GPS tracking system even if getting lost.

Solar powered GPS Tracker is created aimed at aquaculture industry by Reachfar company. The solar powered GPS tracker has the characteristics of global satellite positioning, solar charger, geo-fence, remote call, waterproof, dustproof, without charge, permanent standby, can effectively solve the problems of the cattle getting lost.

Cattle carrying solar GPS tracker, managers can achieve real-time position monitoringof all herds cattle by a computer or a mobile phone.If the cattle exceeds the specified range of activities, mobile phones and computers will soon receive a reminder in order to prevent cattle getting lost.

Reachfar solar powered GPS tracker can not only improve the cattle locator management efficiency, but also reduce the cost of breeding. For example, 50 heads of cattle need 3 to 5 people to guard,but now breeders can view position of all cattleanytime and anywhere through mobile phone. Compared with the traditional dual mode, GPS raising cattle can greatly reduce the labor cost, and reduce problem the cattle getting lost, and finally realize the low cost and high efficient breeding, and create greater profitfor farmers.


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