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Q: Why need a SIM card?[2015-05-20 13:56:06]
A: The V16 itself dont need SIM card, But the GPS device should upload the positioning data to the positioning platform or forward to the guardians phones, so it must plug a SIM card...
Q: what GPS chip is V16 use, positioning accuracy?[2015-05-20 13:55:55]
A: Use the MTK chip , the positioning accuracy is 5-15 m using in the open space....
Q: What is the battery capacity? Is the battery removable?[2015-05-20 13:55:45]
A: V16 use high capacity ratio battery, battery capacity is 520 mAh Because V16 is a dedicated GPS car alarm, in order to guarantee the safety of alarm and specially designed for the built-in battery, sealed...
Q: Calling the SOS number, why can’t connect?[2015-05-20 13:55:35]
A: Please check the V16 SIM card have opened call ID or not? If it doesnt open call id, V16 cant identify incoming calls number, it will decline the call....
Q: My V16 can make a call, but why sometimes platform positioning data is not updated?[2015-05-20 13:55:25]
A: There are several reasons as follow: 1. Check the GPS traffic has opened? 2. Send dsp# to check V16 current GSM signal, if the GSM signal is not good, the first to be affected is GPRS, next is the text, last is the voice communication; 3...
Q: Except the cost of the phone card, is there other cost?[2015-05-20 13:55:13]
In addition to the mobile phone card itself communications fee (it will charge by the telecom operators ) You also need to positioning platform using fee , first year is free , from second year, LBS positioning com 20 Yuan/year/stage. GPS c...
Q: When the platform services begin to calculate the time?[2015-05-20 13:55:03]
A: The V16 will register platform automatically when it first time report the location information to the platform since the user plug in the SIM card, we present the first year platform service. Include positioning platform,...
Q: Why my V16 will re-start?[2015-05-20 13:54:51]
A: The V16 will auto reboot under follow: 1. There is no sim card, boot directly, V16 cant detect the SIM card. 2. No signal or Signal is poor, the V16 off the net....
Q: I charging the V16 by mobile power, is it effect the use of the device?[2015-05-20 13:54:39]
A: The V16 power management support charge when using, please choose the qualified mobile battery to recharge, to ensure the safety of the user....
Q: I sent dw# command to V16 , the device send me tracking after 1-2 minutes ,why so slowly?[2015-05-20 13:54:30]
A: because the V16 is GPS device, its only to start the GPS after receiving the order, so it need a little long time....
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