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Solar power livestock GPS tracker--V26
Date:2016-04-28      Clicks:0

Reachfar newly launched a product--solar wireless charging GPS tracker which is designed from the actual demand, special for breeding industry that can used for cow, horse, sheep, etc.

The greatest advantage is solar energy charging. You will never worry that the battery is used up as long as there are sunshine, and the tracker v26 also has 1500mA battery capacity so that its’ standby time is 2 weeks.

The other advantage is GPS+WIFI+LBS+AGPS positioning google map tracking.

Another natural function is anti-remove alarm. That means when the v26 remove by criminal, the APP will receive alarm so that you can know the situation and then take actions to minimise the lossed.

V26 is waterproof IP66 with multiple tracking way, track by SMS, Android APP, IOS APP.

V26 can also used for cars, bus, truck, container, taxi, rent cars, moving equipment etc.


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