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mart GPS tracker preventing from pets getting lost
Date:2016-04-28      Clicks:0

Cats and dogs are human's good friends, a lot of people keeping pets regard pets as their loved ones. When they got lost, the owners are very worried, find their dogs everywhere, also launch many friends to help find, but eventually fruitless. Recently with near the end of year, the news losing dogs and cats are endless, especially the pets fostered in the pet store pet are easier to be lost.

It is understood that at present many stray dogs and cats in the city, a part of them have owners originally, they are lost because owners’ carelessness while walking the pet, the pets don’t have explicit information about the identity unlike people, so difficult to find. According to statistics, the probability of success that stray cats and dogs were found is only 0.2%, these cold data make a lot of lost pet owners very weak.

At present, Rui Feng Huizhi launched a specialized smart anti-lost GPS tracker preventing from pets getting lost--love guards RF-V30, through intelligent management client-- ReachFar APP can conduct positioning and anti-lost functions, which can effectively prevent from the pet getting lost, and the owner can find it quickly when pet got lost.

Different from previous smart anti-lost devices, love guards RF-V30 is designed mainly aimed at pets, this is a small and intelligent hardware. It weighs only 40 grams, suitable for all types of pets. The owner can wear it on the pet neck directly, which doesn’t increase any burden to pets, meanwhile, high capacity battery provides effective guarantee for the standby time.

Main functions and characteristics of Love guards RF-V30 anti-lost pet GPS tracker:

1. Waterproof IP66. The dog can play where he pleased , not afraid of water.

2. Smart rolling LED light. The light can open automatically with ambient light. In the night or dark environment, the owner can also saw pet trends.

3. GSM quad band network, all global GPS location. whether pet go to the remotest corners of the globe, as long as still on earth, can be located.

4. WIFI safety zone make more alert accuracy indoor. Indoor precision can reach 30 meters, outdoor precision can be 5 meters.

5. Tracking via Website / App/ WeChat / SMS. You can query the location of the dog anytime and anywhere through the phone and computer.

6. Trajectory playback / Ger-fence. Using a mobile phone or a computer draws a circle on the map, this circle will remind the owner if the pet goes out or enter.

7. voice monitor. when missing pet, you can make a phone call to the anti-lost GPS tracker, you will be able to listen to the voice of your pet.

8. Low battery alarm. Let you not to forget to charge.

Ruifeng Huizhi anti-lost pet tracker: 086-4007-888-200

Email: [email protected] (To Lynn)


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