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  • ReachFar RF-V30 pet GPS trackerI will introduce our new product RF-V30 waterproof WIFI Anti-Lost Pet GPS tracker today , it is very small and cute , Right ? V30 pet tracker is waterproof IP66 , It can prevent the rain and shower . And you can see the 4 smart rolling LED...

    01-15 2016

  • iPet - pet gps tracker_mini GPS tracker for dog or cat (ReachFar RF-V30 , RF-V32)iPet - pet gps tracker_mini GPS tracker for dog or cat (ReachFar RF-V30 , RF-V32)

    01-14 2016

  • ReachFar's latest iPet GPS tracker Introduction (RF-V30 RF-V32)ReachFars latest iPet GPS tracker Introduction (RF-V30 RF-V32)

    01-14 2016

  • GPS+animal husbandry,Internet+breeding industry = lower cost and more efficient managementIts not a new thing that we make use of GPS tracker to muster cattle and sheep.As the first group devote to this field,we do know the importance of GPS tracker in the breeding industry.We would like to discuss about GPS tracker +animal husb...

    01-14 2016

  • Waterproof WIFI Pet GPS TrackerShenzhen Ruifeng Huizhi Technology Co., Ltd with years research ,new product RF-V30 WIFI Pet GPS tracker are launched in Hongkong electronic fair , they win a warm praise form customers . Humanized design from actual demand: WIFI anti-lost...

    12-11 2015

  • A New Way to Find Missing PetThere are almost 10 billion pets are missing in every year.A company named Reachfar think about a new idea.By using the APP to find the lost pets. So they researched and produced a new product,they call it :RF-V30 pet GPS tracker. How to us...

    11-27 2015

  • How to avoid children lostIn todays society, we care much about children, women and elder security because we always hear of kidnapping, women are raped and murdered and the old are lost. Young couples may not have so much time to keep company their children and par...

    11-16 2015

  • RF-V16 isn't onlineSeveral days ago I bought a Reachfar Personal GPS tracker RF-V16 from EBay. It is really a nice device but there is a problem, the device cant work with Reachfar APP and tracking website . I asked the EBay seller, but there i...

    03-29 2023

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