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A New Way to Find Missing Pet

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There are almost 10 billion pets are missing in every year.A company named Reachfar think about a new idea.By using the APP to find the lost pets.

So they researched and produced a new product,they call it :RF-V30 pet GPS tracker.

How to use it ?And how can I use my smart phone to find my lost pet?You may have these questions. Reachfar give a excellent explain about how to realize it.

First ,you need RF-V30 GPS tracker.Many pets now own a collar,you just need to put it on the collar.Do not be worry,it’s very light.And it’s waterproof.You finished the first step.But the premise is that you have already prepared a SIM card and insert it on the tracker.Then you just need download a App,named Reachfar in Google play or Apple store.Come to there,you have already finished a half of the process.

The tracker is with WiFi anti-lost function.Log in the App with the ID number behind the device.You can see there is a Wifi safety area.You can set several places that your pet usually go as the safety area or dangerous area.Then when your pet run in or out these are,it will alarm you.

Then we come to the final questions,how can I use my smart phone to find my lost pet?

Own v30,it won’t be a problem.The point is that it is a realtime tracker.Once you can not find your pet,just need to point the realtime on App,you can check where is your pet.And also the way it pass through. Before we missing our pet,first we will let the missing of pet be a never happen thing.

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