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After lost 25 days, the dog finally back to the owner's arms

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Labrador retriever “Bin” was lost in Taiwan in October.A university student found him and help him to find a new master. Bin changed two new master in 25 days.The name form Bin became Fei.The previous owner searched form Internet ,and ecstatic to find him.

The previous owner named Shu.He said that Bin has been here for almost 8 years.Bin is very meek and like to walk around in the town.The neighborhood all know about him. Shu said he got the message form the internet.He found the university student and then ask him about Bin,but Bin was already adopted by another person.After found for a few days.He find get his dog.

After that ,Bin bought a GPS pet tracker form website.By his friends recommend ,Bin bought RF-V30 WiFi anti-lost GPS pet tracker.His friends also bought this one and said that it is very useful.Shu’s community covered with WiFi,with the WiFi location funciton of this GPS tracker,he can found Bin anywhere from mobile phone.And whatsmore,with the waterproof appearance,Bin can wear it on rainy day and take shower.Another function that attract Shu is that the LED smart rolling light.By introduction,Shu knows that in the night ,Bin can also walk out.Because the LED light will turn on automatically.So he can found Bin easy.

With this GPS tracker,Shu will not worry about Bin anymore.Anywhere Bin like to go ,Shu can find him from the apps.

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