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GPS+animal husbandry,Internet+breeding industry = lower cost and more efficient management

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It's not a new thing that we make use of GPS tracker to muster cattle and sheep.As the first group devote to this field,we do know the importance of GPS tracker in the breeding industry.We would like to discuss about GPS tracker +animal husbandry(Internet+breeding industry ).

Why Premier always mentioned Internet plus?In my opinion,most of the reasons are the convenience of Internet.The Internet won’t be be limited by space ,time,distance and weather,at the same time ,it can reduce the producing time.As we all know that the price for one unit will influence the producing time.The Longer time for producing one unit,the higher price the product will be ,and also less products will be produced in a certain time.

Traditional animal husbandry basically based on artificial stocking and managing,a minor mistake resulting from a big lost of cattle and sheep.If the year salary of one worker is RMB20,000-30,000,one cattle’s value is RMB20,000-30,000,how about if we can reduce a worker’s cost and reduce the situation of cattle lost,then we can save up RMB40,000-60,000.

Then we calculate the cost of a GPS tracker is RMB200-300,the RMB60,000 we saved will afford 300 pieces GPS tracker!

Divide the 300 pieces GPS tracker into each cattle/sheep,worker will manage the cattle/sheep through computer or mobile phone.2-5 people can deal with it .One person take charge of command and dispatch,another people are responsible for finding the cattle/sheep that run out of the range. Real time tracking for cattle/sheep ,check the location information via mobile phone,thereby to reduce the composite cost and at the same time promote management efficiency.

  What is the main function of GPS tracker?

1. Real time GPS tracking,the location of cattle/sheep will show on the software of mobile phone and computer.

2. Geo-fence alarm, farm’s owner can set certain area through mobile phone and computer,once cattle/sheep run out of the certain area,mobile phone will receive a alarm.

3. Historical route,where ever the cattle/sheep go?Check the detailed routes via mobile phone and computer.

4. Waterproof

5. Remote monitoring

6. Low battery alert