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RF-V16 Reachfar personal gps tracker keep your child safe

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Kids view walking to school as a great adventure. Parents view it as a convenient solution when their work schedules conflict with school drop-off. But it needs to be approached with precaution. Have a discussion with your kids about how to stay safe on their way to and from school.

Give your child the freedom and independence to travel to and from school safely. Review safety procedures, walk the route with them at least once, and make sure they understand all traffic signals and rules of the road.

Decades ago when we were kids, we had to call our parents or another designated adult when we reached our destination. That was the only way that Mom and Dad knew that we safely arrived at school or back home again.

If your child carries an Reachfar GPS, you’ll be able to see that they’ve safety reached school, home, the babysitter’s house, or any other destination. You’ll also get an instant alert if they travel outside the boundaries of a “safe zone.”

Any time they are walking to or from school, sports practice, or a friend’s house, encourage them to take their Reachfar GPS. You’ll know where your child is located at all times. You and your child can enjoy two-way voice communication, and your child can send an SOS with the touch of a button.

Your child can enjoy their walk. And you’ll enjoy peace of mind.