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Solar GPS positioning system lead the animal industry into the 4 Era

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Solar GPS positioning system lead the animal industry into the 4 Era

China's urbanization process is still in progress, it is expected that the peak will be reached 15 years later. The agriculture will also step into the 4 era like the United States, that is the era of agricultural informatization, automation and high-efficiency. However, at present, most areas of our country are still in the stage of small-scale production, regarding small scale, scattered management, and artificial as the main features.

As early as the beginning of 2016, the news have been reported that Hebei will merge 13387 villages within five years in order to help farmers to accelerate the process of urbanization and live high-efficient, centralized urban life as soon as possible . At present, there are many left-behind elderly and children in rural areas, and a large number of idle land, the efficiency of rural life, production, health care, is low, these problems are believed to be able to get a greater improvement after the merger.

There will be a large number of high-quality land after the merger of villages, is no longer the previous small-scale plots in small-scale peasant economy. Large area of land is the basis of promoting the farming scale and automation, and information agriculture will become a trend. So mastering new production technology is very important to the new agriculture.

How is the animal husbandry in the future? It is certain that animal husbandry will no longer be the phenom that a person raise dozens of sheep in the future, will be that a farmer raise hundreds or thousands of cows. Chinese farmers will become real tyrant like American farmers, the word farmer is no longer a derogatory term. And the key point lies in whether the new farmers can master the scale management and farming technology.

But how does a farmer manage so many cattle and sheep? Hire many workers? A worker can guard several heads of cattle and sheep? Cost management will be too high? High management costs can make agricultural products have competitiveness? As such, a lot of problems need new farmers to think and solve. And the author believes that the solar GPS positioning system can greatly reduce the management costs of cattle and sheep farming and help the aquaculture industry to achieve information and automation.

Let's look at the main functions of Ruifeng Huizhi solar GPS positioning system:

1. Unlimited distance real-time positioning, the location real-time of cattle and sheep can be displayed on the mobile phone and computer.

2. Geo-fence alarm automatically, cattle and sheep only can exercise in the limited scope, the device will automatically remind managers once out of the scope.

3. Solar charging automatically, so that automation is no longer just a slogan.

4. Top waterproof technology to ensure the stable operation of equipment.

5. Remote play the sound, achieve remote call to the trained cattle and sheep,

they will come back to the studio after hearing the sound.

With the above functions, farmers only need to supervise other workers using the positioning system, namely using fewer workers to achieve high-efficient management of the flocks and herds. Ruifeng Huizhi solar GPS positioning system will lead breeding industry into the era of 4.0.

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