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Nursery door missing children ! How to prevent?

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"You stand! Who are you in your arms? Put the child down!" Yesterday, 50 year old woman was stopped by a good hearted people. Holding a girl about 3 years old, see someone close to the loud crying, shouting to her mother. Well intentioned people surrounded the woman, and the first time to the police for help.

Police successfully rescued the girl

In the face of police asked the woman preface does not take, mental confusion, police can't sell directly to rob children, feared stimuli to the woman, act detrimental to children. "Sister, you see the weather so cold, the child's hands were cold, she also has been crying, rather than the children to the car warm." Police seize her care for the child's psychology, the opportunity to take the children from their hands, hanging around the people's hearts to put down.

Sister sent her sister was drilled

It is understood that the girl's parents are migrant workers, a is a supermarket clerk, a job in the dock, often on the morning go to work , no time to send their children to kindergarten, Every morning sister sent 3 years old sister to kindergarten.

Yesterday morning sister sent to the nursery, but the time is too early to open the door, because the sister is also eager to go to school, only to put his sister in the nursery door. Maybe she left soon after, this middle-aged woman passing by the baby to walk. Fortunately, there are enthusiastic people in a timely manner, the children will be safe to rescue.

What should we do to prevent the occurrence of this incident?

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