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  • Q: How long will the V16 standby?A: Merely standby only have the communicating function ,the standby time is 12 days. Open the GPS positioning, once every 10 minutes to report the location information, about 50 hours of standby time, about 2 days. Open the GPS positioning,...

    05-20 2015

  • Q: There isn’t any reply when we send message to bind master number, why?A: 1. Check the device have SIM card, the card insert correct, and the card have telephone charge. 2. The command must same as the user menu showed....

    05-20 2015

  • Q: Is V16 operating difficult?A: No, very easy. Just need send message command to set up the function, then you can use....

    05-20 2015

  • Q: what is V16 ?A: RF-V16 is a personal emergency locator communicator which focuses on the elderly, children and other special groups. Through our product, you can know status of your children and elder. It can set 2-5 SOS number, when come across danger,...

    05-20 2015

  • How To Choose Your Motorcycle GPS trackerA GPS system for your motorcycle can turn your journeys, into adventures. Opening up a whole new experience, you can find amazing places to explore by planning your trips at home, and downloading your routes to your GPS device. New landscap...

    07-09 2015

  • GPS Tracker Use in Public Safety & Disaster ReliefA critical component of any successful rescue operation is time. Knowing the precise location of landmarks, streets, buildings, emergency service resources, and disaster relief sites reduces that time -- and saves lives. This information is...

    05-24 2018

  • Global Positioning Technology DescriptionThe worldwide Global Positioning System (GPS) network was designed by the US Department of Defense, as a way to track ones exact location anywhere in the world. The GPS network consists of 24 navigation satellites, which orbit the planet at...

    05-24 2018

  • GPS TerminologyTrack A track is a trace of somewhere that you have actually been (often called a breadcrumb trail). The GPS unit (external or internal) periodically sends details of the location which are recorded by the software, either by taking a readi...

    05-24 2018

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