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Advice of GPS Tracker Used in American and Canada

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Yesterday I went to meet my friends who in the field of cross-border electricity.They expressed a keen interest in our new products 7 in 1 multifunctional GPS. Our usual main market of cross-border electricity is European and American area.But the telecom of America,Canada and Australia claimed that they will turn off 2G.This news leads to that many customers dare not to promote their GPS positioning products to America and Canada. Then the European market is the only one left.As the despite huge advances of cross-border logistics and economic recession in Europe.Purchasing power of European customers have already weakened.

But in fact,data in Alibaba shows that the biggest source of GPS search queries are America.As the manufacturers of GPS,we feel frustrated.American customers want to buy gps tracker,yetour agent have gave up American market.

About the problem of SIM card in America and Canada.I consult my friends in Canada,belowis what he replied,hope it is useful for everyone.

Hi Susan,

Canada is know to have ones of the worst and expensive cellular network providers into the world !

So, the best solution i found is Petro Canada Mobility ( It provide abasic 2G network with small data plan for arround 10$/ mounth. It is a perfect solution for a GPS tracker.

Your Canadian clients just have to go to a (big one) Petro Canada gas station and ask for a cellular phone plan with a micro sim card.

I hope that information will help you.