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Who Needs a 4G Solar Powered GPS Tracker?
Date:2019-08-27      Clicks:0

This 4G solar powered GPS tracker is designed based on the market needs. It has below features:

4G LTE+3G WCDMA+2G GSM networks

Waterproof IP67

Remove alarm

SOS alarm

High frequency alarm with loudspeaker

GPS positioning, with accuracy of 5m outdoor

WIFI positioning, with accuracy of 30m indoors

Web platform/ Phone App/ SMS for positions check

Historical route, GPS fence & WIFI fence double care

Solar charging automatically when sunlight exists

Heath care with step counting and temperature measurement

Low battery/ SIM card changing alarm

High power LED prompt light

So, who needs this 4G solar tracker? Let’s read below cases for reference.

Case One:

Mr. Wang, who lives in Qinghai, is a professional farmer with 300 cattle and sheep. Every night, he feels confused. The reason is that he has always adopted the form of stocking, because the cattle and sheep under stocking grow healthier and the area is so large that some cattle and sheep are unable to return to captivity on time at night and lose a few every day. Originally most of the income depends on these cattle and sheep, the loss is really killing Mr. Wang, so his son helped him buy our products. At first Mr. Wang said I couldn't even play with my cell phone. How could I play with this kind of high technology? but after his son taught him, he thought it was very easy to operate. After a while, cattle and sheep can return to their nests on time, and Mr. Wang can track the position of each cow and sheep in real time. Neighbors often encounter the same situation as Mr. Wang. When they see that Mr. Wang's cattle and sheep are never lost again, they are very surprised to come and learn from them. It turned out that they used our RF-V44 4G solar locator, and the cattle and sheep were no longer afraid to run around.

Case Two:

Mr. Liu was very anxious at this time, as the car was stolen. He is the general manager of a major operating software company and he went out with the purpose of accounting for funds. He thought this short time should be all right that he went out of the car and went to the bank to withdraw money, He would right back, so he forgot to lock the car, causing the car to be stolen, he felt the exception and reported to the police. When the police asked, he was relieved, for he had previously heard from his colleagues that it was good to use our products. We also set up the latest 4G on-board product on the website of our company, and installed the RF-V44 4G solar tracker because it has a real-time tracking function, the location of the car could be located in time, and finally the police helped him find the car.

Case Three:

Ms. Miao is an outdoor worker who loves life and likes to take risks. Every time she went on an expedition, her family always worried about her safety, because the news of the recent donkey friend's distress was everywhere, and it was necessary to ensure her personal safety. It was well known that life was more important than money, so the family specially equipped her with a RF-V44 4G solar locator. Since then, no matter where she goes, the family will be able to know her location for the first time. And don't worry that it doesn’t work because the RF-V44 4G solar locator is automatically charged by solar energy, and you don't have to worry about batteries anymore.

Case Four:

Mr. Ren, who is mainly responsible for fleet management, introduces that many fleets rely on heavy equipment and other assets to provide demonstration services to customers, but if the customer's assets collapse or are stolen, others can repair or replace the customer's equipment at the same time, which is terrible and time-consuming. And after their company uses real-time tracking of RF-V44 4G solar locators, it can not only reduce their operating costs, but also help them get better service. In fact, the advantages of GPS tracker are not limited to monitoring vehicles, but can also track and monitor a variety of valuable assets and heavy equipment, such as generators, leased equipment, tank, container, ARGO unit and so on.


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