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Super September Activity in Alibaba

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Super September Activity in Alibaba has begun since September 4th, 2018, it will last to September 30th, 2018.
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The Super September Activity aims to:
1. Offer overseas buyers excellent suppliers and products.
2. Meet the clients’ requirement for stock up and replenishment of their goods in the next half year with abundant supply of goods.
3. Help to find stable cooperation relationships and source of the goods for buyers.
Official rules:
Logistics of air express: the buyer can get 5% discount of shipping cost at ≤30 usd.
Payment: add more countries and cities can choose T/T domestic transfer, like America, Europe, Australia, Canada. The handling charge dropped at 1 domestic currency.
Finance: One in 1500 clients have the chance to Pay Later for first payment, the charge of first month can get remission at ≤100usd.
Inspection: 1.5% discount for the first 1200 orders. If the trade assurance order is canceled and prepayment cannot be done within 60 days, the discount will be invalid.
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