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How does Solar GPS Tracker work?

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As we all know, Solar Powered GPS becomes more and more popular nowadays.
Especially, the new model of RF-V34 which is a Long Battery Life GPS Tracker with an in-built 9000mAh battery.
So do you know how our  RF-V34 Wireless Solar Powered GPS Tracker works?
Step1.Preparation before use
The device requests to choose 2G GSM network-based Micro-SIM card (same as that for iPhone4). Besides, please make sure following two points:
a. The device is power off when inserting or taking off the SIM card;
b. The GPRS data plan and Caller ID service should be activated and PIN code turned off.
Step2. Host power on/off
1. Open the sim card slot with tool, insert a sim card according to the instruction direction, cover the sim slot and fasten it with screw to ensure the waterproof work well.
2. Press the Power Button for 3-5sec, it powers on when the side blue and red indicator lights on and with a ringtone. 
3. If there is no sim card inside, press the Power Button 3 times, it powers off with a ringtone, if there is a sim card inside, the device can be powered off only by App. 
Step3: Communication and SOS
How to answer a coming call?
When a call comes, the device will auto-answer; it will reject the call when press power button. (Notes: Default mode is“Auto-answer”. For “Silent mode”, user can set from APP.)
How to dial out numbers? 
Before dialing out telephone numbers, user must set SOS numbers in APP. Press button “SOS” for 5secs, the device will make calls to all SOS numbers one by one, until someone answers the call. Otherwise, the device will make calls circularly twice.
Alarm sound setting: 
1. Mode1: Loudspeaker beeps every two seconds and lasts 2 minutes later. Until the next alarm triggered. Use App or press the power key shortly to turn off the alarm sound. 
2. Mode2: Loudspeaker beeps continuously for 2minutes. Use App or press the power key shortly to turn off the alarm sound.
3. Two operation models of loudspeaker: active work and passive work 
a. Active work: Activated by App, the alarm starts;
b. Passive work: Work with other functions together. 
App installation and functions setting:
Scan the QR code on manual cover or search for “Anytracking” in Apple store or Google play store and download the App. (Note: In the process of installing, choose “trust” or “allow” when tips out to ask user to choose whether trust and allow the program to visit phone location otherwise, user can’t get a better App using effects.)
After installation, as photos below, please choose login with device ID No. which can be found on the device back label and default password is “123456”.
Make sure the device App status is “online” when you set commands via the App. 
Long Battery Life GPS Tracker RF-V34 GPS Tracker