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Where can the Solar GPS Tracker be used and How to use it with the holder?

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Recently, the new model of  RF-V34 Solar GPS Tracker has been on the market.
Where can the Solar GPS Tracker be used?
1. If you keep a farm, you don’t need to worry about how to manage your sheep and cows in your own farm.
2. If you have your own sheep or cows in your family, you can save more time to accompany your wife.
3. If the working style of your employees in your company is outdoors, you can know whether your employees are still working in the designated area or not during the working hours.
Thus, RF-V34 GPS Tracking Devices is a good choice for you.
ReachFar also offers free App and Web platform for monitoring it with no monthly fee.
After we knew where the Solar GPS Tracker can be used, so do you know how to use the Animal tracking with the holder?
There are three types of holder for RF-V34 Solar GPS Tracker.
RF-V34 Solar GPS Tracker