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What GPS watch do I need to choose?

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Are you looking for a GPS watch and feel confused when you find there are many different types of GPS watch in the market?
There are many GPS watch designs with various prices, ranging from less than 10$ to more than 200$ from many online shops.
You will ask the question easily, what GPS watch do I need to choose?

Here I would like to offer some tips for your reference.
You need consider below factors:
1.Who will wear the GPS watch?
2.What functions do you need besides tracking?

You need to figure out who will wear the GPS watch, the old or kids?
If it will be worn by the old, you need consider below functions:
1)Health monitoring: 
Such as heart rate & blood pressure detect, step counting, pill reminder, etc.
2)Fast SOS for help;
This is vital for any emergency. An easy and fast SOS button will save many lives.
3)Loud speaker for 2-way talk;
Many elderly people have problem of listening, if the watch speaker sound is not loud enough, it will become impractical.
4)Big font of the screen;
Weak eyesight is a common problem for the elderly people. Small font makes it hard to read. They only need the words readable instead of abundant. 
5)Water proof.
This is also important for the old. It is easy to get wet when old people use a watch.
We ReachFar designed a GPS watch RF-V36 for elderly people with all those functions.
GPS watch RF-V36
What if use it for kids, you may ask me?
For a kid, the GPS watch shall have below features:
1)Dimension shall be smaller;
2)Fast SOS for help;
3)Water proof;
4)Without games;
5)Voice talk with parents or friends.
GPS watch RF-V38
Based on the functions above, we recommend you our latest GPS watch RF-V38 for kids.
Now do you feel released?
Hope this article helps you to make it easier to choose the right GPS watch.