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The best GPS Watch Tracker for Elderly
Date:2018-11-02      Clicks:0

Why are They Necessary?
Many seniors prefer to be independent, living in a home or apartment they’ve known for years. The problem with this is if anything were to happen nobody would know, or it would take a while before someone found out.
Trackers allow family, friends, or caretakers to monitor seniors remotely. The same devices exist for children, and even pets.
GPS Watch often have an emergency or SOS feature that will call for help at the touch of a button. When you’re living on your own, without anyone nearby, a device like this could save your life.

Reachfar RF-V36
The neat thing about Reachfar RF-V36 is that you have a couple options for the type of device you’d like to use. They offer both a 2G watch, and a 2G tracker module.

Features include:
♦ 1.54 inch touch colorful screen
♦ Historical route checking
♦ GPS/WIFI fences
♦ Voice chat and 2-way audio calls
♦ SOS button for urgent call
♦ Timing heart beat and blood pressure monitoring
♦ Sports/sedentariness reminder
♦ Talking clock
♦ Pill reminder
♦ Alarm clock
♦ Music
♦ Multi-language
♦ Remote reboot


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