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The Best GPS Tracker for Your Drones

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Flyaway drones are a nightmare for drone owners around the world. The worst part is that they can happen any time. According to the Wall Street Journal, 30% of drone owners experienced flyaway. Preventing drones from flying away may be a challenge as they stem from various reasons, so the best option drone owners have is to be prepared ahead of time.
Here are some reasons your drone can flyaway:
 Fighting the wind
Radio interference
Faulty firmware upgrade
Loss of line of sight
Software glitches
Bad Global Positioning System data
Loss of connections to controllers
Piloting error
Drone owners trust GPS tracking systems such as Reachfar RF-V16 GPS tracker
to easily locate their quad copter in case a dreaded flyaway situation happens. Find out below why RF-V16
is one of the most trusted drone GPS tracker brands in the market.

Reachfar RF-V16 Drone GPS Tracker
Weighing just around 27g, RF-V16 is a tiny yet powerful GPS-GSM device that allows you to track your precious things. Lost drones can be retrieved with the user-friendly mobile application or by logging on to Reachfar’s secured Web site.
Reachfar’s RF-V16 uses a combination of cell towers and accurate GPS positioning to determine a location. Not only is it suitable for drones, but users who are in emergency situations can click on the SOS button in GPS tracker to send out their location details. Users may also find precise features that may come in handy for various situations.
The following are included in the RF-V16 package:

1* RF-V16 tracker
1* USB cable                                                                                         
1* User manual
1* Lanyard
1* Wrist band(Gift)
Perhaps the most useful feature that drone owners can take advantage of is RF-V16 ’s Geo-fence ability. Should your drone fly away from your safe perimeter, the app will automatically send out alerts to users. Additionally, since RF-V16 is capable of storing up to 12 days of movements, it leaves you with just the right amount of time to check where the device has been through the application.
Drone owners who have little knowledge on latest advancements in technology do not need to worry about using RF-V16’s software application. Many users have lauded the user-friendly interface and the fact that its functions can be easily accessed. Activating your device will not be a problem.

As mentioned, RF-V16 has not only provided solutions for drone owners but for a variety of customers in the GPS market as well. Alzheimer's, alone worker, children and so on.
RF-V16 is also a handy device for caregivers as it gives them the freedom to monitor the whereabouts of their patients in case they wander off.