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How to prevent the elderly from getting lost?
Date:2018-01-22      Clicks:0

Nowadays, the loss of old people has become a more and more serious social problem. Search the Internet for news of "lost people" and we will find that the event dates are all connected, which means that every day there is a loss of the old man. On social media, it is also possible to find information about people seeking help. Media outlets and police have also been given clues to the loss of the elderly.

It is understood that the old man of Alzheimer’s disease is more likely to get lost. There has been media analysis that the constant loss of old people in addition to their own diseases, the constant change of urban construction and lifestyle, is also the reason why they are easy to get lost. And now "empty-nest elderly" are becoming more and more, and they are all alone and lack of care in their daily lives. Once lost, it is difficult to find out. Although some old people choose to live in a nursing home, they also cannot fully guarantee the location of the elderly. These phenomena have become an urgent problem to be solved in the present society.

In order to find the elderly, the families often have to spend a lot of energy and time, and after finding them, they should also worry about and guard against the occurrence of this situation again. At the same time, to a large extent, they bring a large amount of work to the policemen. Therefore, it is necessary to put forward a set of relatively perfect nursing system.

To find the solution, recently ReachFar has released a new GPS watch RF-V36 for elderly use. According to GPS watch’s Two-way audio talk and GPS+WIFI+LBS tracking ways, you can always have the location information of the elderly. As long as the elderly wearing the watch, you can not only achieve two-way conversations, but also learn about the location of an elderly person and his/her heart rate & blood pressure status remotely. Besides, the watch has other practical functions as well, such as pill reminder, sedentary reminder, waterproof IP67, etc.

Give the elderly more care and make them feel your love. This will be your best choice. For more info of RF-V36 watch, click here.


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