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How accurate is a GPS watch?

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When you want to buy a GPS tracker, the accuracy must be the most important function. For the ReachFar GPS watch, the accuracy is 5-15m in the open sky. Sometimes you’re in office or some closed environment, you can’t get the GPS signal. Additionally, it has other positioning methods, WIFI and LBS positioning. LBS and WIFI were automatically selected when the device without GPS signal. The accuracy of 3 positioning way: GPS:5-15m\WIFI:50-100m\LBS:100-1000m
RF-V36 GPS watch
Two decades ago there were no GPS watches. You looked at a map, but don’t know where the naughty son is after school? You must be worried about him when you don’t know where to find him. GPS tracker enables the real-time tracking, you can see his location on your phone and even make a phone call.

After a whole day hanging out, you don’t know how far you’ve walked. Estimated your distance with the traditional method, for instance, account the milestones on the side of the road. Now watches track literally every step you take. They can tell you how many steps you have taken and how far you’ve walked. Even how many calories you have spent. After you exercise in the gym, you want to track how many times your heart beats in a minute, you can just touch the screen and choose the right function. The watch can give you a HR and BP result.

When you wear the RF-V36 GPS watch
on your hand, it feels the most like having a little computer on your wrist thanks to the large and colorful touchscreen display, which is super intuitive with a combination of buttons, taps, and swipes.