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New reachfar GPS tracker RF-V8S

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  On last Friday afternoon. My friend Lee wanted to call police. I asked him what happened. She said just now she found a small black box in the basket of her electrombile, the size is just same as a matchbox. On closer inspection, we thought it may be a gps traker. The size of this gps tracker is very small, if we are not very careful, we would think it is a small portable power source. Lee was puzzled that she was not a rich man or important person, why there is someone tried to track her?

  Through a long discuss with Lee, we decided not to call the police and brought this gps tracker to home.” It bothered my life, now I am worried if there is someone want to hurt me.” Lee said.

  Then we went to a digital products shop. After our asking, the boss told us this gps tracker is not spy device, it is used for protecting property and safety. Now the main consumers of this product is easycar.The easycar usually put gps tracker on the car for team’s management and Anti-theft .

  The boss also said that Lee’s gps is very popular now. He sold almost 300pcs last month. ”You just need a SIM card with GPRS ,then you can track your electrombile by mobile phone. The positioning accuracy reach to 10-15m.”

  “Its convenience for is has built-in battery. One charge will last for 300 hours,and you can check the location from PC and APP or Wechat.” The boss told us and at the same time he gave we a demonstration. He put the gps tracker inside the car and then he logged in the APP. We could see the location very clear. And then the boss ask his assistant to drive away the car, the location on the map was moving!! The bystanders also surprised by it , and it is really useful!

  After several days later, Lee told me that the gps tracker was her hunsband bought for her. Because she lost several electrombile. And now she told me she would never worry someone will stolen her electrophile, because she got an amazing thing!

  I am thinking if I should buy one to protect my dog?