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Rf-v16 mini gps tracker

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Last month, I walked the dog in a park and I met a friend with her new dog which wore a mini device. She told me she lost his lovely dog Lucy some time but couldn’t find her back no matter how hard she hoped Lucy back, only to accept the fact that she lost Lucy anymore. So she bought the gps tracker V16 for her new dog booby, so she could track via her mobile phone whether booby was safe.

When walk the dog, she just chats with her friend and let booby play with other pets, because she doesn’t need to worry about booby. She set a geo-fence, once booby walk away and out of the geo-fence she will receive alarm from the device.

When she is at work, she can set voice monitoring mode to hear booby’s situation at home.

After that time I also have one for my dog, and I really think that is great! It is so small, just 34*40*15mm 27g, very light, sweet and convenient to use.

I really want to recommend this device to you all, because it not only can be used for pets but also for kids and elderly.

The device uses GSM network and GPRS to send and receive data so we need to choose GSM network based micro SIM card for the RF-V16 (same like Iphone 4). My aunt uses her phone to send massage command to the device to set 2-5 SOS numbers, when the device user come across danger, it can send message or dial the binding phone number. What’s more, we can use app, website and wechat to track the device user at anytime and anywhere.