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Do you know how to control the blood pressure?

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  Lots of old people’s blood pressure is not very stable. In general, the blood pressure should be lower than 120/80mmhg. If the data is higher than 140/90mmhg means the old person has high blood pressure. Elderly should learn how to control the blood pressure. There are some tips for controlling the blood pressure.

  Firstly, elderly should keep good feelings every day. Excessive mood swings can cause blood pressure to become unstable. Try to avoid the elderly to be excitement or anxiety. Keep a calm mood is very conducive to maintaining blood pressure stability.

  Secondly, no smoking! Elderly people occasionally drink is good for the body, but absolutely cannot smoke. Smoking is a major factor in causing high blood pressure, so the elderly must quit smoking.

  Thirdly, eat lighter foods. If the old man ingested too much salt, or eat too much high-fat and high-protein foods, it can also cause high blood pressure. High blood pressure people can eat more black fungus, water chestnut, celery, banana, apple and mung bean.

  Fourthly, have a good sleep. Don’t stay up late! Because the brain and heart can’t get a good rest if you stay up late, then it will let the blood pressure be high.

  Finally, measure blood pressure regularly. Whether the elderly have high blood pressure or not, they should regularly check blood pressure. In addition to go to the hospital to check the blood pressure regularly, it is best that the elderly can check it by themselves or their children can check it for them in home. For those who have been suffering from high blood pressure, it is very important to check the blood pressure after get up.

  Our company has released a new GPS watch RF-V36 for elderly use. It has heart beat and blood pressure check and monitory function. As long as the elderly wearing the watch, not only elderly can check own blood pressure at any time, also children can know the blood pressure of old people remotely. It is very convenient.

  Give the warmth to elderly, let them feel your love.