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Never lose your pet again

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  I found a fantasy pet tracker on the 35th Hong Kong Electronic Fair during 13th-16th October.

  They called it RF-V30 WIFI GSP pet tracker.


  RF-V30 is designed to attach to any size collar and lets you locate your pet on demand; monitor their activity and record adventures on your Smartphone or computer.

  Is it easy to use?

  RF-V30 pet tracking device is easy to use and is either attached to your pet's existing collar or comes with a special adjustable collar or harness for your dog or cat. They are lightweight, so your furry friend doesn't even realize it’s there. If you're out during the day and your pet is at home, you'll know instantly if your animal has left the yard, and when you're walking at the park and have let your pet off the leash, all you have to do is check the pet tracker app to pinpoint exactly where your wanderer


  A good GPS Pet Collar should be waterproof. Dogs love the water and the unit needs to be sturdy enough to withstand the rough and tumble involved in a dog’s normal routine.


  WIFI Anti-lost alarm

  Although Geo –fence can allow you to Set up your “Safe zone” enables you to protect your pet with a virtual fence that sends you an escape alert when they run away, Geo-fence is always inaccurate and false alarm, it is far from satisfactory. RF-V30 has a new function: WIFI anti-lost alarm; it can set a WIFI address as “safe zone”, when your pet run away, it will send you an alarm. Compare with the Geo-fence, it is accurate but cover range is about 30m. Luckily the device will not cancel Geo-fence feature, combine with them will keep your pet safe.


  Smart rolling LED light

  A-GPS Pet Collar fitted with a bright LED beacon is much more useful when your dog goes missing at night.

  How do you recharge the unit?

  The owner should take out the tracker from collar when the battery no longer works. But in order to improve waterproof feature, the charging USB cover is very fastness. So they also supply a wireless charging type.

  WIFI location?

  It is very shame that the GPS tracker only can WIFI location in China, because they don’t have other region’s WIFI data. They said if you can provide the WIFI data of your region, they will help you to realize WIFI location.

  Do I recommend it?

  Yes, warmly recommended .RF-V30 can locate your pet as demand. Let you make sure your domestic animals are safe 24/7. You should consider purchasing one if you are concerned about your pet's whereabouts. And I had bought a sample, testing report will share with you soon.

  Write by Eric zheng