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Company Activity of ReachFar Sales Team

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Last week, ReachFar sales team went to Guanlan Printing Village for their outdoor team activity.
Guanlan Print is one of the ten ancient Hakka villages in Shenzhen, China, its architectural style is in the form of a typical Hakka townhouse.
We set out for Guanlan Print Village at 1:30 pm, all of us were excited at that time in 2 cars. Suddenly, it’s heavy rainy outside, we felt so unhappy.
Therefore, we stayed in a blackwood furniture museum nearby to wait till the rain stopped. Fortunately, it stopped raining in half hour, so we continued our activity. 
ReachFar team Waiting for snacks together The charming girls in ReachFar
ReachFar Sales Team ReachFar GPS Tracker ReachFar 3G GPS Tracker
We really enjoyed the scenery with lovely colleagues, look, we were taking photos. During the activity, we were taking
a break and waiting for some traditional snacks.
We are the most beautiful queens in ReachFar Team.

This outdoor activity aims to improve team cohesiveness, keep our team members in good mood and healthy.

Hope our ReachFar to be more and more colorful in the future.