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Mini GPS tracker --- a small assistant for kid’s custody

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As we all know, parents usually possess custody rights to their children in every country of the world. However, there are many countries where parents need to work before their kids reach to the age for kindergarten, like here in China. Even when they grow older, they still face many dangerous or emergency situation. Having the right of custody, parents always feel nervous once children are out of eyesight range, especially when they are playing outdoors, having a picnic, hiking, etc.

Is there any way to release parents’ stress in such situation?
Equip a smart phone for your children?
It sounds not a good idea as it will be a disaster to provide smartphone to your young kids, because there are too many information and games, most of which are not good for kids.
Then what else should it be? Anything simple but can be used for SOS calls and location sharing?
Bingo! Since the needs of such a device is huge, ReachFar Tech developed a device RF-V16 meeting this need with its GPS tracking and SOS call functions in the year of 2012.

With its simple but vital design, many parents found a great solution to release their stress on the custody of their children.
It became simple to check their children’s location and make a phone call to talk with them, because ReachFar also developed phone App and web platform for location check whenever and wherever.

Thanks to this RF-V16 mini GPS tracker, both children and parents can focus more efforts on their own work or joys with a peace of mind.

If you want to promote this useful device to release parents’ stress in your country, you can contact us freely via email or Skype, etc. We are not trying to sell you something but trying to bring more people peace of mind with our products.