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Which GPS tracker is the best choice for your car?

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Reachfar RF-V03 brings you the best GPS tracking device for your car security. This vehicle tracking device uses the GPS satellite system to track the vehicle’s movements and transmit the information over GSM & GPRS network. Later, the vehicle tracking information is transmitted to the user over the internet for our Mobile application & Web platform. In case of theft, our GPS Car Security System makes vehicle tracking quick & easy.
Our Car Security GPS device is equipped with a number of features:
Monitor Speed
You can monitor the speed of your car in real time, it’s beneficial in cases where a family member is driving or your driver is driving your kids home or to school. Monitoring the speed is very crucial also, set your own speed limits and get alerts whenever it is exceeded.
Geo-fence Zone
Reachfar RF-V03 GPS device comes with a feature of Geo-fence; it enables you to create zones for tracking your vehicle. It alerts you every time the vehicle enters or exit the specified area. This way you can keep tracking your parked vehicle after you create a Geo-Fence around your parking area. When your vehicle is moved, you will get an alert for your check accordingly.
Real-Time Tracking
One more feature is that you can track your vehicle as it moves with the real-time tracking. This feature enables you to track it real-time with exact location instantly.
24 Hour History
Do not have time to track your vehicle in real-time? Want to know where your driver took the car & which routes he used to take your kids to school? You can view a 24hour history on a single screen and never worry about them again.
Remotely cut off oil and power
You need download our phone APP to operate a key fortification/ disarm, off fuel and electricity, restore oil and electricity, etc.
Reachfar RF-V03 GPS Car Security System keeps track of the movement of vehicles all the time. It keeps the record of every single route taken by your vehicle. Also, stores the data on our secure server, so that you can access the data whenever you want and review the reports. Undoubtedly this one is the best car security system available in the market. From location information to control your car, everything is there for you. No need to take time to figure out where you parked your car again.