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Reachfar GPS Tracker Let You Never Lose Pet Again
Date:2016-07-12      Clicks:0

Never Lose Your Pet Again

Reachfar GPS is the most popular selling GPS Pet tracker. Not to be confused with the common microchip, Reachfar uses advanced GPS location tracking and the nation’s largest wireless network to help you find your pet wherever they go. Reachfar allows you to define a safe Zone, a designated safe zone around your home or office and receive on-demand texts or push notifications when your pet leaves that zone.

Keep your pet safe

The Reachfar GPS Pet Tracker comes with a long lasting Li-Ion battery which has a battery life that lasts up to 10 days. The tracker communicates with a docking station using shortwave radio frequency and will stay in power-saving mode when the device is nearby. This allows the Reachfar GPS Tracker to optimize battery life when the pet is near the safe Zone, a customizable safe area you designate for your home or office. Created to keep up on any adventure, Reachfar GPS Pet Tracker is durable, waterproof (IP66) and ready to go wherever your pet goes.

Main functions of Reachfar pet GPS tracker:

1.Waterproof IP66.

2. Smart rolling LED light.

3. GSM quad band network, all global GPS location.

4.WIFI safety zone make more alert accuracy indoor.

5.Tracking via Website / App/ WeChat / SMS.

6.Trajectory playback / Ger-fence.

7.voice monitor.

8. Low battery alarm.

Reachfar pet GPS tracker: 0086-4007-888-200


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