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How do I know strangers goes into my car?

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Three years ago, I was only a general staff in a private enterprise, but at present I has become a department manager, my colleagues often asked me, “how did you make it, Mr. William?”, I smiled and replied, “try you best to be more and more hardworking”.
One day, as usual, I went to our dining hall for having lunch till 12:20pm, but on my way to have lunch, a girl who looks very charming said hello to me and she said, “I have been noticing you for a long time, do you have a girlfriend? I replied, “not yet, do you want to be my girlfriend?”, the girl’s face turned red after heard my answer.
Several days later, we had our first appointment in a restaurant, it’s good news, but after we finished the meal, we went to my car, I found another mobile phone was stolen in the car by someone, I was very angry.
After I came back to office the next day, I mentioned this thing to my colleagues, one of my colleagues said you should buy a RF-V20 GPS Tracker Power Bank
, this device can give you the alarm information once the stranger touched your car, here is the detailed information I found from ReachFar official website:
RF-V20 GPS Tracker Power Bank

Now I feel at ease with this device which sends me alarm SMS, APP notification and even calls when any alarm triggered about my car.

By the way, it also has door alarm function for housekeeping. If you want to try it, you can contact salesmen of ReachFar.