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Vehicle gps tracker

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  Have you had experience of being stolen the car, motorcycle, bicycle? You must hate the thief but you just had no way to find your car back.

  Then you may buy the new one, but fortunately, the thief will come again.

  Some people try to buy the Burglar Alarm, when the thief tries to steal their car, bicycle or motorcycle, the owner will hear the alarm. However, things will always not like that, mostly the owner live or work in the higher building and couldn’t hear the alarm, or maybe the thief cut off the Burglar Alarm, therefore the owner only to find their vehicle gone if the thief come.

  So I really want to recommend this RF-V8 for you, it is a dedicated GPS anti-theft communicator for car, with GPS tracking, sound sensor alarm and vibration sensor alarm function. And it’s suitable for the anti-theft of car, home and warehouse. When your car is levered, moved or around voice over than intended scope, V8 will alarm you by message or call. There are some advantages:

  1. Using military technology,

  Passed CE, FCC, ROSH certification and patent, Quality assured One year warranty.

  2. Quad band GSM module

  All the global gsm network can be used.

  3. Easy to use

  Without install, can be used for kids, elder, patient, pets, vehicle, car, bike etc

  4. Super mini size

  Very light only 26g, easy to hide and carry

  5. Support GPS and LBS (Location based service) double tracking solutions, Positioning fast & accurate

  6. Geo-fence and trace replay function

  7. Remote listening function

  8. Low Battery Charge Alert

  9. There are 4 levels of sensitivity for various properties safety

  10. Low power consumption and long time standby

  GSM standby (GPSclosed) 12 days, GPS standby (10 minutes once positioning) 50 hours

  11. Multiple tracking ways

  Platform, website, APP, SMS and wechat.