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Reachfar kids GPS tracker make it easier for families to stay connected and protected

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  In the course of raising a family, over 90% of parents will at some point lose track of a child. Kids are curious beings, so it’s not surprising that every 40 seconds a child goes missing in the US and close to 50% of autistic kids wander each year. These panic stricken moments are usually the result of a child misunderstanding directions, being lost, running or wandering away.

  With today’s busy schedules and dual-working parents, it’s not only about locating the whereabouts of family members, but also staying connected. Smart gps tracker, have two key additional functions. In addition to providing the known location of a person, they have 2-way mobile voice capability, and can be pre-programmed to send alerts to parents and caregivers.

  Reachfar kids GPS tracker make it easier for families to stay connected and protected.

  Things like:

  Simultaneous and active alerting that automatically sends alerts to up to 5 designated persons via SMS or call.

  Having your child’s whereabouts sent to an authorized person(s) automatically on a set schedule.

  Ability to turn the ringer OFF so as not to alert those around your child-especially important if you child is in danger.

  Ability to customize Safe Zones.

  Ability to store 3 months of location history.

  Versatile attachments that allows the smart locator to be concealed and worn multiple ways.