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ReachFar GPS tracker RF-42 is a good choice for you to find the lost people

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  216 elderly were given GPS tracker by Xianju county Charity Federation in the morning of November 7th, 2017.

  "With this GPS tracker, you don’t need to worry of the old man's lost."

  Ms. Jiang said , who is from Nanfeng, her father-in-law was 78 years old, had lost many times because of dementia and worried her family.

  The loss of the old man has become an increasingly serious social problem and it may bring a family tragedy, it is the responsibility of the government and everyone to help the lost old man go home safely.

  Here are main reason for the elderly missing :

  1.Mental illness, such as Alzheimer's disease.

  2.Hard to remember the route.

  3.To distinguish the unfamiliar and lively environment.

  So it is hard for senior to find his way to go home for many reason, the most suitable options is to find him quickly.

  ReachFar GPS tracker RF-42 is a good choice for you to find the lost people.

  This 3G GPS tracker is a special one because It can take pictures though remote control to ensure everything is right.

  Fall alarm lets you know whether there is an emergency.

  Senior can hang it on their neck to avoid forgetting when they go out.

  Absolutely, it can check the location via SMS App & Platform

  Tracking is caring,

  Sincerely hope Reachfar GPS tracker can let your mind peaceful with your family.