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No Prolong Life Without Sport

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  A common saying goes “Life exist in exercise.” The person who insists on doing exercise (including manual labor) will have better mental status than the person doesn’t have any sports. For elderly, because sports can help to speed up the body's metabolism, then reduce the rate of having some cardiovascular diseases, like high blood pressure, diabetes, colon cancer or mental diseases. The survey about longevity also found that most of longevity elderly will do Tai Chi, aerobics or other style sports everyday. Even their age is over 90 years old, but they can do some manual labor still and keep fit.

  Exercise can encourage spirit. Exercise can adjust the mood. The mood is the most obvious of person mental activity, the good mood means the health mental. Exercise can help to keep well mood to boost self-confidence, stay focus and improve self-control. No matter what kinds of sport, it will make person feel relax. I think walk is a very good way for elderly. Our new GPS watch V36 has step counting function, both elderly and children can know the data. They can make a plan about walking, remind and push elderly doing exercise.

  Exercise can improve the function of organs. The most important organ is heart. The heart like a “water pump” which provides the power of blood circulation. Only has blood circulation, body can get oxygen and nourishment and make the waste out. If you do exercise often, the heart will be powerful, then you won’t feel tired easily. The data shows the capability of heart of the elderly who exercises regularly is same as 40 year old person's who does not do exercise. We have added the heart beat test function in our V36 elderly watch, can check the heart beat everyday, it is very convenient.

  Exercise can increase lung capacity. We need breath everyday, every minute, every second, the lung is also important for us, we need care it, too. When you doing exercise, the respiratory muscle also doing exercise. More strength respiratory muscle means larger activity area for thoracic and great lung capacity. It is good for preventing respiratory disease. In addition, great lung capacity is good for singing. And our V36 muti-function GPS watch has Music function, children can download the musical for elderly, then they can listen to or sing a song at any time. It is also help to keep a well mood.

  It's not just the mentioned benefits, doing exercise also can promote enterogastric digestion function, reducing blood lipid, anti-aging, and so on. In short, keep on doing exercise means keep the fit and longevity. Life exist in exercise!