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IPet-The Perfect Cat GPS tracker

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  Cats are the world’s most popular pet. The combination of being affectionate as well as independent has a certain appeal. Not needing a daily walk or lengthy training and being quite happy to have time on their own, makes cats one of the easiest pets to have. They are especially suited to busy families and professionals who gain the benefit of their warm, furry pet greeting them every day for food and a little bit of affection without the additional maintenance of a having a dog.

  Strangely in contrast to every other domestic animal, a cat remains in control of its own life. It does what it wants to do, goes where and when it wants to go with no boundaries. This level of freedom means that cats can so easily go missing and often we never find out what happened to them. This is where iPet:My cat GPS tracker can help.

  iPet:My GPS tracker device is the ideal way to keep an eye on what your cat is up to when you’re not around. Attach the GPS tracker to your cat’s collar and you can use the iPet:My app on your mobile to give you real-time information on your cat’s location. Renowned for their independence, cats are solitary creatures that can wander great distances stalking prey. So when they don’t return home you simply have no idea where to start looking. They could have been locked in a garage or in a garden shed or may simply be hiding in a bush sound asleep. Regardless of where they are, you have no way of finding out and will have an agonizing wait on your hands.

  By attaching the GPS tracker to your cat’s collar, you can watch their movements on your mobile phone so when they don’t come home, you will be able to use the app to locate your precious pet. Another useful function is geo fencing. You can set geo zones and receive alerts when your cat wanders in and out of the zone. Not only will it be interesting to see how far your cat roams but you will know when they wander outside of their usual territory.

  iPet:My GPS tracker will work if you are in the office or out shopping, wherever you are, you will be able to see what your cat is up to. If they don’t come home, the real-time information allows you to swiftly discover your pet’s location on your mobile phone. You can watch to see if they are moving closer to or further away from home or if they are not moving at all. This could mean they are snoozing under a tree but it could also mean they are hurt so at least you will be in a position to find out if your beloved pet is OK.

  As cats are quite mysterious creatures their life outside of your home may intrigue you. With the iPet:My GPS cat tracker device you will be able to spy on your feline friend! You will also be able to replay up to the past 3 day’s history to see if they walk the same route every day. With iPet:My, not only will you have peace of mind if your cat doesn’t return home, you will have an inside view of your pet’s life that you never had before!

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