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Q: what is V8S ?
A: RF-V8S is a car dedicated GPS positioning antitheft alarm and personal emergency SOS communicator, with GPS tracking, sound sensor alarm and vibration sensor alarm function. When your car is levered, moved or around voice over than intended scope, V8S will alarm you by message or call. Typical SOS button the remote monitoring function and the remote monitoring function and silent type for help, safety and conceal, is the emergency locator artifact for old people/children and other special people call for help. The RF-V8S will ensure your car safety, always care for your car, family, and the valuables in the safe.
Q: Is V8S operating difficult?
A: No, very easy. Just need send message command to set up the function, then you can use.
Q: There isn’t any reply when we send message to bind master number, why?
A: 1. Check the device have SIM card, the card insert correct, and the card have telephone charge.
   2. The command must same as the user menu showed.
Q: How long will the V8S standby?
A: Merely standby only have the communicating function ,the standby time is 12 days.
Open the GPS positioning, once every 10 minutes to report the location information, about 50 hours of standby time, about 2 days.
Open the GPS positioning, each 1 minute to report location information, the standby time is about 6 hours.
Talk time is about 4 hours.
Combined with yourself circumstance, please choose the right work mode and position reporting frequency.
Q:’ Is the children easy to be effected by radiation than adult?
A: yes. Google search shows that children are more susceptible to the effects of radiation, the RF-V8S specially designed for children, only the European Union CE, FCC and 1/5 of the EU CE, US FCC and the national standard force index, ensure the safety of children.
Q: why is the RF - V8S radiation would be so low?
A: For the children's health, V8S reduced the GSM antenna power, power is proportional to the radiation, the greater power the higher radiation.  General phone power is 33 db, is the biggest power of V8S is  27 db,  radiation double every 2 db , so when the mobile phone have a cell signal V8S might not have signal.
Q: Power reduction, is the Children can’t ask for help ?
A: When the signal is bad, the first to be effected is GPRS, next is text message, last is voice communication; Voice is prior whichever button children press when danger comes.
Q: Is V8S waterproof:
Only surface Splash-proof, it can't prevent flooding
Q: Q: what is the GPS single positioning?
A: Because V8S is a personal portable GPS communicator , is limited by the battery life, in order to save electricity, immediately enter a dormant state after each GPS positioning, so V8S every location is actually cold start.
If shorten the V8S positioning interval to 1 minute, in the motion state for a while, would be much better, but this can only maintain the standby time about 6 hours.
Q: I send dn# instruction to query V8S working state. Display:  ID: 8401017954; GSM signal status: strong; GPS signals: invalid; Battery: 70%; Working pattern: AJ; Tracking: open.
GPS signals: invalid, is it mean GPS not work?
A: Yes, it’s mean the GPS don’t work now
1.      Because the GPS is very power-hungry, so V8S is designed to position every 10 minutes, and immediately dormancy after positioning so as to save electricity, to ensure the standby 50 hours.
2.      So in general, GPS is dormant, and the V8S will display GPS: invalid when use DSP query.
Q: Sending dw# instruction, why sometime the reply information is different?
A: Sending dw#, V8S will have the following four types of SMS reply under different working condition:
1. Tracking open, GPS positioning success, reply message is: (GPS) : Huaxin Road, Futian,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China,518000 = en - us&lat LNG = = 22.55113 & 114.08009
2. Tracking open, GPS is not successful, automatically switch to base station location, reply message is: (LBS):HuaxinRoad,Futian,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China,518000 = en - us&lat LNG = = 22.55170 & 114.07940
3, Tracking closed (or GPRS signal is bad), GPS positioning success, reply message is: = N22.550892 E114.080124.
4. Tracking closed (or GPRS signal bad), GPS cannot work. switch to base station location, reply message is: = 460 & newsun focus = 0 & LAC = 10133 & CID = 5043 & LAN = useful – cn
Q: I send dw# instructions, device generally send me tracking messages 1-2 Second later, why so slowly?
Answer: because V8S is single GPS positioning equipment, after receiving the order to start the GPS, it need a little longer time.
Q: What is the location accuracy of the V8S?
A: In open space, the positioning accuracy is 5-15m when the weather is good and no cloud, generally about 30 m.
Q: I charging the V8S by mobile power, is it affect the use of the device?
A: The V8S power management support charge when using, please choose the qualified mobile battery to recharge, to ensure the safety of the user.
Q: Why my V8S will re-start?
A: The V8S will auto reboot under follow:
1. There is no SIM card, boot directly, V8S can’t detect the SIM card.
2. No signal or Signal is poor, the V8S off the net.
Q: When the platform services begin to calculate the time?
A: The V8S will register platform automatically when it first time report the location information to the platform since the user plug in the SIM card, we present the first year platform service. Include positioning platform, mobile APP and micro letter location query functions.
Q: Except the cost of the phone card, is there other cost?
In addition to the mobile phone card itself communications‘ fee (it will charge by the telecom operators )
You also need to positioning platform using fee , first year is free , from second year, LBS positioning com 20 Yuan/year/stage. GPS class com is 60 Yuan/year/stage
Q: My V8S can make a call, but why sometimes platform positioning data is not updated?
A: There are several reasons as follow:
1.      Check the GPS traffic has opened?
2.      Send dsp# to check  V8S current GSM signal, if the GSM signal is not good, the first to be affected is GPRS, next is the text, last is the voice communication;
3.      The GPRS signal is poor , such as we can make a call ,but we can’t open the web page
Q: Calling the SOS number, why can’t connect?
A: Please check the V8S SIM card have opened call ID or not?
  If it doesn’t open call id, V8S can’t identify incoming calls number, it will decline the call.
Q: What is the battery capacity? Is the battery removable?
A: V8S use high capacity ratio battery, battery capacity is 520 mAh
Because V8S is a dedicated GPS car alarm, in order to guarantee the safety of alarm and specially designed for the built-in battery, sealed
Q: what GPS chip is V8S use, positioning accuracy?
A: Use the MTK chip, the positioning accuracy is 5-15 m using in the open space.
Q: Why need a SIM card?
A: The V8S itself don’t need SIM card, But the GPS device should upload the positioning data to the positioning platform or forward to the guardian’s phones, so it must plug a SIM card
Q: Why the positioning location error is so big?
A: The V8S have LBS and GPS positioning system, the device will automatically switch to the LBS positioning system when there is no GPS signal. The LBS system rely on the base station, the positioning accuracy depends on the density of the base station. The error is 100-800m in city , and the error is bigger outside the city or countryside, but the GPS positioning accuracy is 5-15 m in open space.