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Q: What is V6?
V6 is a RF - V6 is a personal emergency call for help, and positioning anti-theft alarm, with SOS distress, sound sensor alarm, vibration sensor alarm, and other functions. Widely use in emergency call of crowd people such as children and old people, and the antitheft of warehouse , home and factory. Once it happen, there will be  message and phone alarm notification, you can protect your family and property any time and any where.

Q: What can V6 do ?
No matter how far distance, V6 will tell you where it is.
V6 can notice you when there is sound around it.
V6 Can notice you when anyone was move it.
Your children can use V6 notice you When they faced with danger.
Q: What differentiation between V6 and ordinary alarm?
Alert notice function:
ordinary alarm limit by RF radio frequency, the alert just make a horn sound ,can not notice master directly.
V6 was base on GSM network. No matter how far distance, the alert way is call your phone.
Anti shear line function:
 When some one cut off the ordinary alarm power cable, the alarm will no any function.
 V6 have built-in battery, the full charge can standby 10 days.
Tracking location function:
 Use the general alarm,,you can't know where property is ,when the property lost.
Use V6 with your property, you can track the property position.
Q: How many buttons does the V6 have?
Only one - buttons "S" (SOS) will cause a text message with the V6’s approximate location to be sent to the  5 pre-programmed numbers and the V6 will alternately call each of the 5 pre-programmed numbers until one party answers.
Q: How dose V6 talk?
A:V6 has no speakerphone, you need use the headphone talk with others.
Q: Who should use V6 multifunctional monitor?
 For children: The V6 is tiny (4.5cm X 3.4cm X 1.5 cm), extremely light weight only 26g, simple to use in that it operates with a single button push. When you are busy failure to take care of the children, please put V6 in child bag, you will know child's condition any time; When the children need help,they can use V6 contact to parents.
 For older: the older almost forgetfulness and lost, but the ordinary mobile phone is too hard and big to use. V6 is easy to take, simple operation to avoid the old man went astray.
Q: What service does V6 need with SIM?
V6 is need GPRS and Caller identification.NOTE:  We highly recommend you tell your phone service provider to deactivate voice mailbox so that calls to the V6 do not get diverted.  The V6 is not designed to access the voice mailbox function, though it is often a default feature given by service providers.
Q: Is it hard to program the V6?
 No. It is as easy as sending a 3-character text message to the V6.
Q: Does the V6 send text messages?
Only automatic replies of confirmation and alerts are sent to one or both of the phone numbers that have pre-programmed the V6.
Q: How does the V6 disclose it’s location?
In three ways -
 Send the text message “LBS” to the V6’s phone number.  The receiver will then receive address and website with a Google map URL .
Push the “S” button on the V6.  A text message will be sent to both pre-programmed numbers showing its location.  Also, the V6 will alternately call each of the five pre-programmed numbers until one party answers.
 Go to,enter the V6's IMEI, you can see the location with Google map.
Q: How accurate is the V6 in showing its location?
The V6 uses the cell phone network to calculate its location.  Our test results showed that location accuracy averaged between 200-800 meters.  Your results may vary depending on the positioning of the cell phone relay towers and the service provider chosen. 
Q: How many language dose V6 support ?
V6's Available languages are Chinese, English and Russian. We provide language customize service.
Q: What alerts does theV6 send?
When theV6 has less than 10% battery life.
when some moved V6;
When sound around V6.
Q: How many alert ways do V6 have?
In four ways: 1. Send a message and then make call ;2. Only make a call;3.only send a message; 4.Only send data to website.
Q: Why does my V6 cannot report address information?
1.Please confirm the V6's SIM card have GPRS service. 2.Copy the XML file to the V6. For details, please refer to the APN setting.
What is the incoming call white list?
V6 just can be monitored morined by the five pre-programmed number, other number call V6, V6 will note you : The number can not answer for the moment.
Q: How is the V6 switched off?
A: Remove the SIM card.
Q: Is the V6 waterproof?
A: Water resistant, yes.  Waterproof, no.


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